Cargo GSSA

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Marketing & Sales

The development of a marketing strategy is the first step of Airconsult's work as GSSA and to achieve and perform we go through the following activities:

Data collection, aimed at researching the present and potential demand; Market segmentation aimed at finding the desired target; Identification of the distribution channels better suited for reaching said target; Competition analysis; Development of a benchmarking system to position the client's offer; SWOT analysis; Building a medium/long term marketing plan aimed at growing the destination's market share. Once developed, the marketing plan is deployed thanks to our operational activities which include: Development of a customer network by planning visits, mailing and sales calls to agents; Building long term relationships with agents thanks to a constant assistance performed by our HDQ offices; Managing reservations;


Thanks to our offices in the main Italian airports we can offer a range of cargo services which can include:

Supervising cargo loading/offloading both on ramp and at warehouse; Regular checks at warehouses including stock control of pallets/ULDs; Outgoing cargo documentation check. DGR shipments' control (including DGR checklist and NOTOC) with certified staff; Incoming cargo documentation collection; Notifying and delivering documents to consignees; Collection of fees, fares and charges; Controlling and coordinating trucking service to and from any Italian or European location; Issuance and distribution of AWB; Handling all tracers & claims.


The steady growth of a market requires constant control over the operations; this is why we collect feedback at every step of the marketing plan , in order to correct our actions depending on the reactions given by the market. Moreover, we exercise constant control over the financial side of our operations, providing our clients with all the reports necessary for transparent and accountable operations. Activities performed in this field include:

AWB stock control; Submitting monthly CSRs and other reports as required; Liasing with CASS and performing all activities required by Carrier; Checking all direct sales billings and CASS accounts; Soliciting payments of agents & customers; Providing periodic statements and information; Collection of fees, fares and charges; Effecting payments of CSRs.

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