Commercial Aviation Support

Our commercial aviation services offer airlines a solution to the issue of station management at all Italian Airports. We accomplish such tasks with an H24 OCC which supports and coordinates our dedicated staff all over the country.

The service assures:

The service avoids:



Our airport representation service is meant to fulfill all the duties your local airport office would do:

Our service provides the carrier with complete control of the station without incurring the cost and complexity of running their own offices. Our offering consists of 5 products built to meet the needs of any type of operation. In addition, our services are fully modular ensuring the flexibility needed by those in the aviation industry.

Setup Services

Our OCC can setup and coordiante any additional service an airline may require. Our setups include:

catering; Fuel; Crewing (Hotel accommodation, transportation and briefing); Passengers hotel accommodation; Passengers transportation; All services necessary prior to a program of flights or an Ad - Hoc flight. We can even setup those services not directly involved with the flight turnaround. This is possible thanks to the following key factors: In depth knowledge of local suppliers; Preferred rates; Extensive coverage of the Italian territory.

US Military Bases

Our 26 year experience with military carriers allowed us to build a thorough knowledge of the necessities and procedures of such delicate operations.

We are present in all the U.S. Military Bases throughout the Italian territory (Sigonella, Aviano and Naples) with dedicated staff and premises. We can ensure full airport representation and services in all the above mentioned stations and, thanks to the coordination between our OCC and our local staff, we can fully manage any ancillary service required by our clients, such as: Transportation; Hotel accomodation - We rely on a network of accomodations which can offer Military standard accomodations and services; Catering - We only work with suppliers which have been pre-approved by US Military personnel. Moreover, we are perfectly able to counter unexpected last minute deviations (even in civilian airports), ensuring that the operations are carried away with the descrition and efficiency required by the US Military.


We offer full crew management for your Italian based flights; thanks to our long experience in the field of aviation we perfectly know what are the key elements in managing your crew's change and rest:

Location - The connection between the airport and the hotel must be fast and easy; Price - Thanks to our special rates we can deliver an excellent value for money; Service - We know crews are extremely demanding when it comes to services and we do our upmost to deliver the best. Furthermore, we try to position your crew close to areas of interest so they can enjoy a pleasent stay. Our crewing services also provide transportation, airport assistance and, if necessary, briefing.

Diplomatic clearence legal

Bureaucratic procedures can be very complicated and time consuming, thus creating difficulties to your flight operations. Airconsult can provide assistance with any CA matter, such as:

Landing permits; Overfly permits; DGR; Diplomatic clearance; Customs' issues; We can also support you with legal advise within the Italian territory for any issues regarding your operations.


Italian law requires all carriers with flights operated in the Italian territory to have a security representative. Airconsult can supply such a service relieving the airline from the burden of contracting a security supervisor for each station and fulfilling all of the bureaucratic requirements.

Administrative Services

Airconsult can provide airlines with all the administrative services required by their operations, namely:

Handler and other suppliers' invoice control; Effecting payments on behalf of the client in exemption of VAT; These services relief our clients from:: Claiming back VAT once paid; Issuing bank guarantees for their program of flights. Airconsult invoicing procedures are built on transparency and accountability: we produce all the back-up, including third parties' invoices, for our charges so the client can easily control each cost item.

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