Destination Management

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Stretegic Marketing

We believe that the success of a product lies also in the development of a marketing strategy:

Data collection activity aimed at researching the present and potential demand for: the destination, tourism structures and places of interest; Market segmentation aimed at finding the desired target; Identification of the distribution channels better suited for reaching said target; Competition analysis; Development of a benchmarking system to position the client's offer; SWOT analysis Building a medium/long term marketing plan aimed at growing the destination's market share;.

Operational Marketing

The operational marketing begins by building brand awareness and by promoting the products. Said tasks are achieved thanks to:

Media: trade press, consumer press, web, social networks, tv and radio; Events: trade fairs, tailored event organization, workshops, roadshows, etc; PR & Communication: advertising, sponsorships, etc; Product promotion to trade: TO, TA, OLTA, MICE; The distribution & sales are the final activities of the operational marketing where we identify the most penetrating channels of distribution to reach our objectives. The distribution & sales activities are as follows: Trade channels: TO, TA, OLTA, MICE; Website: dedicated Italian website;

Reporting & Feedback

We see marketing as a dynamic activity: the market will have a trend and it will react to each of the actions undertaken in the plan. For such reasons we believe in the key role of reporting & feedback: said activities must be centered on informing the client on the sales results and modeling the marketing plan to market developments. Said activities include:

Feedback at each step of the marketing plan; Data analysis: important to understand the reactivity of the market to the actions undertaken; Fine tuning the strategy to market changes and development; Reporting: production of quarterly reports to inform the client on market trends, activities undertaken and overall performance.

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