AD-HOC & VIP Flights

Airconsult's 40-year expertise in the Italian aviation market provides unparalleled insights, allowing clients to navigate confidently, as if they were local experts themselves.

We possess in-depth knowledge of AD-HOC, special event flights, and general aviation, understanding the intricacies from VIP events and sports teams to MICE and General Aviation needs.

Our role as Representatives is defined by transparency and direct engagement. We offer our clients the advantage of our extensive experience, securing preferred rates and services from leading suppliers, customized for each unique flight requirement.

Our enduring presence in the market ensures clients benefit from the best Italian aviation resources. Every flight is managed with utmost expertise and attention, reflecting our commitment to excellence. Partnering with Airconsult means more than securing a service provider; it’s gaining a partner who represents your interests with decades of wisdom and influence. With us, each journey is seamless and distinguished, mirroring our long-standing reputation in the aviation industry.

Elevate Your Operations with Airconsult where every flight is a commitment

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