Cargo GSSA

Airconsult's Cargo GSSA division is renowned for genuine client representation and deep market understanding.

Distinct from firms leaning towards brokerage, we maintain our independence, ensuring our actions are always client-focused. Our extensive network, from our Rome headquarters to offices in Malpensa, Venice, Naples, and Catania, guarantees comprehensive Italian coverage. We leverage tools like IATA’s CASS market intelligence to stay informed about market dynamics, enabling precise market analysis.

Our services encompass market research, route analysis, and load optimization, focusing on efficiency and profitability. Understanding route capacities, cargo product strengths, and carriers’ operational procedures is key to our clients’ success. We actively promote routes based on market potential, conducting thorough rate analyses and offering competitive solutions.

Our commitment transcends logistics, aiming to build lasting customer relationships. We provide detailed shipment tracking, efficient claims management, and timely updates on route changes, ensuring operational excellence. Airconsult’s Cargo GSSA division stands out for its commitment to market intelligence, client-focused representation, and top-tier service quality.

Airconsult: Committed to Cargo Excellence in Italy

Services List

Airconsult is your reliable partner in meeting a wide range of needs. We offer a variety of high-quality services designed to ensure your satisfaction and the success of your projects. Listed below are our main services:

  • - Market Research and Analysis

  • - Route Profitability Assessment

  • - Load Optimization

  • - Sales and Marketing

  • - Rate Analysis and Proposal

  • - Client Representation: Strict adherence to principles of representation, prioritizing clients' interests

  • - Operational Planning: Managing reservations, AWB issuance, and distribution

  • - Advertising and Promotion: Handling advertising campaigns and maintaining relations with the press

  • - Trade Show Representation: Representing clients at trade shows and submitting necessary reports

  • - Cargo Sales Report Submission: Providing regular cargo sales reports and other required documentation

  • - Claims and Complaints Management: Efficient handling of all tracers and claims

  • - Accounting Services: Verifying sales billings, soliciting payments, and managing financial statements

  • - Local Office Coordination: Offering logistic support, supervising cargo loading and offloading, and ensuring documentation compliance

  • - CASS Relations Management: Liaising with CASS and managing all related activities

  • - Trucking Service Coordination: Controlling and coordinating trucking services to and from Italian and European locations

  • - Customer Service and Follow-up: Ensuring shipments fly as booked and updating agents on route changes and deviations

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