Diplomatic & Military Flights

Airconsult excels in bespoke services for Diplomatic and Military flights, deeply understanding their unique protocols and demands.

Our access to key military bases in Italy, including Sigonella, Aviano, and Naples, reflects our trusted role in the sector. We are seasoned in handling high-level operations for heads of state and dignitaries, demonstrating our capacity for discretion and excellence. This includes our proficiency in managing USTRANSCOM and other sensitive military missions.

Our team meticulously coordinates all aspects of Diplomatic and Military flights, from securing necessary clearances to liaising with government entities and providing specialized ground and security services. Our commitment to precision and strict protocol adherence ensures seamless operation management.

For Military flights, our comprehensive logistical support caters to specific needs of personnel and equipment, while for Diplomatic missions, we ensure dignified and respectful service. Partnering with Airconsult means entrusting your critical operations to a team with extensive experience and a track record of excellence. Our established presence and access to strategic military locations enable us to deliver unmatched service for every mission.

Elevate Your Operations with Airconsult where every flight is a commitment

Services List

Airconsult is your reliable partner in meeting a wide range of needs. We offer a variety of high-quality services designed to ensure your satisfaction and the success of your projects. Listed below are our main services:

  • - CAA Representation & Management

  • - Slot coordination

  • - Liaison with local authorities

  • - Constant monitoring and support of all third party suppliers contracted by the Airlines

  • - Disruption Management

  • - Diversion Management

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