Pax GSA & Tourism Representation

Airconsult's Passenger GSA and Tourism Representation services combine our deep-rooted aviation expertise with a commitment to individualized client representation.

Our approach, grounded in neutrality, protects each client’s corporate identity, avoiding any conflict of interest. With our expansion into Tourism Office and Private Operators representation, we’ve developed a unique ability to meet the dynamic needs of tourism, offering global reach with local execution.

Our proficient team, acknowledged for experience and professionalism, prioritizes flexibility and adaptability, tailoring strategies to your specific objectives. We provide strategic business plans using advanced passenger flow data and prime business intelligence, alongside thorough rate analysis and route feasibility studies. This approach ensures profitability and viability in the competitive tourism sector.

Our extensive expertise in trade distribution, combined with our ability to influence trends via social media and industry press, places us at the heart of the industry.

Partnering with Airconsult means engaging with a firm that offers 40 years of excellence. Our integrated service range, designed to meet every need, provides a seamless solution for Passenger GSA, Tourism Board, and Tourism Operator representation, making us the ideal partner in the ever-evolving tourism market.

Airconsult: Navigating Tourism with Precision and Passion

Services List

Airconsult is your reliable partner in meeting a wide range of needs. We offer a variety of high-quality services designed to ensure your satisfaction and the success of your projects. Listed below are our main services:

  • - Market Research and Analysis

  • - Route Profitability Assessment

  • - Load factor Optimization

  • - Sales and Marketing

  • - Tourism trend influence and constant monitoring

  • - Pricing Analysis and Proposal

  • - Client Representation: Strict adherence to principles of representation, prioritizing clients' interests

  • - Operational Planning: Managing reservations, ticket issuance and distribution

  • - Fiscal Representation

  • - BSP Relations Management: Liaising with BSP and managing all related activities

  • - Advertising and Promotion: Handling advertising campaigns and maintaining relations with the press.

  • - Trade Show Representation: Representing clients at trade shows and submitting necessary reports

  • - Passenger Sales Report Submission: Providing regular passenger sales reports and other required documentation

  • - Claims and Complaints Management: Efficient handling of all claims

  • - Accounting Services: Verifying sales billings, soliciting payments, and managing financial statements

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